It is so important to find a physician that listens and comes up with a care plan alongside you. Bridget’s story is a perfect example of that!

“I came to OGI in hopes of figuring out why my husband and I were having trouble getting pregnant. Dr. Zhang took me on as a new patient in January 2022, and on January, 20th, 2023 she delivered our son, Eoghan! 

My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for over 8 years, and had seen other infertility specialists before seeing Dr. Zhang. We had gone through 6 rounds of IUI, and thought IVF was going to be the next path we’d have to take. Thankfully, it wasn’t the path we needed to go down. Dr. Zhang exhausted many routes, and treated me knowing IVF wasn’t my preferred method. Dr. Zhang does a really good job at thoroughly explaining what the next steps will be, and fully answering my questions. I never left my appointments confused or feeling not cared for. What I really appreciated about Dr. Zhang, is that she truly cared and respected my birth plan. I wanted an unmedicated birth, and to avoid a c-section at all costs. Even though things didn’t go to plan, due to my low pain tolerance and Eoghan being stuck on my pelvic bone, Dr. Zhang allowed me to safely push for as long as I could before gently telling me a c-section should be the next step. 

Fast forward almost 10 weeks later, I still have a beautiful, healthy, and happy baby boy, and my cesarean scar is healing without complications. I’m thankful for the care Dr. Zhang provided me through my pregnancy journey. I would definitely recommend Dr. Zhang to my family and friends.” – Bridget

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