There are absolutely things you can do to improve your chances of getting pregnant and having a healthier pregnancy. A healthy lifestyle and diet should be encouraged in men and women attempting to achieve pregnancy for their effects on general health. 

People who are underweight or overweight may have a harder time getting pregnant. Smoking and recreational drugs should be discouraged in people attempting pregnancy. Alcohol and caffeine use should be limited to minimal to moderate use while trying to conceive. We know that smoking, heavy consumption of alcohol, and use of marijuana can reduce sperm count and motility. Women trying for pregnancy should take daily folic acid supplement of 400 micrograms (or taking a daily prenatal vitamin). 

Additionally, if you have chronic medical issues like hypertension, diabetes, thyroid disorders, blood clotting disorders, it is important to optimize control of your condition prior to getting pregnant. If you are thinking about trying to conceive, or have been trying to conceive without success, we encourage consultation with your physician to discuss how to optimize your chances of getting pregnant.

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