Heather, we are so grateful we could be there for you and your family!

“After having two girls we welcomed a beautiful baby boy named Louie in January 2021. Louie was here with us for a month before he earned his angel wings in Heaven.

Following the loss of a child, it was a very difficult decision to start trying for another baby. We ultimately decided we wanted another child and that they would be blessed to have a big brother watching over them. I knew the next pregnancy was going to be filled with a lot of emotions and anxiety. Given the circumstances, I needed to find a compassionate OBGYN that was going to help me through this process.

Fortunately, I knew a labor and delivery nurse who gave me the perfect recommendation, Dr. Grajczyk. From the very first visit, she calmed my fears and helped me trust that everything was going to be okay. I could tell that she genuinely cared about me and my baby’s wellbeing. More than ever I felt the importance of having a doctor that I could truly trust.

I was so thankful that Dr. Grajczyk was on call when it came time to deliver. She was so patient and stayed with me through my entire labor. My natural delivery didn’t go as planned and it began looking more and more like a C-section. Even after I became discouraged, Dr. Grajczyk insisted that she was going to do EVERYTHING she could to prevent that from happening. She explained that she didn’t want that for me and it wouldn’t be what was best for us. With her expertise, we were able to avoid a c-section and deliver our sweet baby boy Roman. We are so grateful that Dr. Grajczyk was with us on this journey. Roman’s big brother definitely had a hand in helping us find the perfect doctor to welcome him into the world.” – Heather

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