Do you recognize this friendly face? Meet Dr. Allie Ellingson! 

“I have been at OGI for 5 years! I started in 2018 after graduating residency. Joining OGI had always been my dream job because it combines my love for obstetrics and gynecology with my clinical interests in infertility and surgery.

My favorite thing about my job is being able to establish long term relationships with my patients and care for them during transformative periods of their lives. I love educating my patients and empowering them to be an advocate for their own health. I also enjoy the variety with OB/GYN since every day is different.

Outside of work I enjoy hanging out with my family and friends, walking my dog, riding the Peloton, playing tennis, reading, and trying new restaurants. I love music and theater and attending musicals and concerts. I cannot wait for the Taylor Swift concert this summer. ????

Also, I love to travel! I studied abroad in France during college and love exploring new cultures and cuisines. I participated in medical mission trips to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and the Philippines during college and medical school and hope to go on similar trips in the future.”

If you’re looking for a new OBGYN, Dr. Ellingson would love to meet you!