We wanted to feature another one of our amazing physicians, Dr. Melinda Zhang! We asked her to share a little bit about herself, and here is what she wrote:

“I have been with OGI for two years. The time has flown by!

My favorite part about my job is getting to know my patients over time. Patients are so much more than the question or problem that brings them into the doctor’s office. I love hearing the background life stories as it helps me better understand people and be a better advocate for them. Even in just two years at OGI, I’m starting to appreciate how amazing it is to partner with my patients through both the challenges and the joys in life. I’m excited to continue to see how these relationships grow and evolve over time!

Outside of work, I enjoy good food (some cooking but mostly eating) and playing with my two corgis, Koko and Pickles. My husband, Graham, and I also recently bought our first house and are learning a lot about homes and gardens – it is an adventure!

I remember this assignment from grade school… I came up with “Meticulous Melinda” which is still accurate. I am detail-oriented which is helpful in my profession!”

Dr. Zhang is currently taking new patients and would love to meet you!

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