Infinite Health Collaborative (“i-Health”) is a group of independent physician practices who have joined together to offer a solution for your healthcare needs. Our goal is to provide a network of physicians that are closely aligned to deliver value-based care. OBGYN & Infertility is proud to partner with other independent physician groups in Minnesota and western Wisconsin. We will continue to operate under the OBGYN & Infertility name, however all of your billing and insurance explanation of benefits (EOB) will display the legal business name of “Infinite Health Collaborative.”

Due to the complexities and regulations in the insurance market, we depend upon the patient to determine whether your insurance company does or does not cover a specific service or procedure. Please understand that we cannot accept responsibility for payment or nonpayment of your insurance claims, nor can we negotiate a settlement on a disputed claim. Questions about coverage and benefits are between you and your insurer.

Plans that require a referral for you to be seen by one of our physicians or nurse practitioners are noted as such below. If your insurance company requires a referral, please call your primary care physician to obtain it before you schedule an appointment with our practice. Please if have any questions on insurance, referrals or prior authorizations, please click here or click Ask the Business Office, or call our business services office at 952-512-5625.

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Minnesota Statute 62J.812 Primary Care Price Transparency

In 2018, the Minnesota legislature passed a new policy (Minnesota Statute 62J.812) which requires the prices for certain health care procedures be made available to patients. If any provider in your clinic specializes in family medicine, general internal medicine, gynecology, or general pediatrics you must comply with this statute. Beginning July 1, 2019, the state of Minnesota is requiring providers to maintain the list on their website.

Please note: Patients covered by commercial insurance companies or Medicare Advantage plans have rates specific to their particular company and policy. The amounts posted on our list do not necessarily reflect the amount individual patients or their health insurance plan will owe for the services listed. For specific information about the amount you will owe for the services you receive, please contact your insurer.

Price Transparency